Wednesday, August 7, 2013

21.06.2013 - Haze Haze go away!!

Its been reported that the PSI is as high as 400.  OMG!!  Singapore has turned into a smoky city.  Can you imagine all the air purifier is sold out =(

Left with no choice, I have to keep Cheyenne indoor and wear a mask.

Haze Haze please go away........

16.06.2013 - Father's Day Celebration

Once again its Father's Day!!  I wish all the father out there a Happy Father's Day!!  Stay happy and healthy always

15.06.2013 - Fidgets!!!

Today is a hot day!!  Hubby says we must stay indoor =(

So we try this indoor playground at turfcity - The Fidgets.  Its quite a nice place for kids and a good workout for them too!!

Hubby suggested to hold Cheyenne's first birthday party here!!

08.06.2013 - Thailand Trip

After so many years, we finally get to go for a short vacation together with Rachelle and Kylie.  This round we went Bangkok.  This is a 4 days 3 night short getaway but we have done quite a bit of stuff there.
- Kids get to play in Kidzania
- Ladies get to do IPL
- Men gets to massage

03.06.2013 - Uncle Ben's Wedding

Today is Ben and Karen's Wedding day.  We all attended the dinner including Cheyenne.  The theme of the day is black and white checker shirt...  Don't the boys look smart on it?

26.05.2013 - sharing and Caring....

Being a parent nowadays are tough!!  Being Full Time Working Mum is even tougher :(  Juggling between work and family is definitely not easy.

Its so difficult to strike a balance on what are the things we should give and not to give the kids.  Alright, I will try to restrict them from using the ipad from time to time.  Lucky for me, Caden is still reasonably obedient in terms of that.

At times, Cheyenne will try to snatch the ipad from Caden.  He will not fight back but just switch to another application where both of them can share...

It will really makes my day when I see this early in the morning =)

18.05.2013 - Caden is 6!!! (Part 2)

This year I booked the lifestyle corner at our block's void deck as the venue of Caden's BD celebration.  I managed to loaned a set of the projector to view the Movie of the day - Madagascar (the birthday theme)
As usual, I will try to bake a cake for him if my time permits and this year it's a cheesecake (review was not bad)
Gosh!! Cannot imagine my boy has turned 6!!! and he is going P1 next year.  Oh No!! I am so not ready for that......


16.05.2013 - Caden is 6!!! (Part 1)

Every year Caden celebrates his birthday in school and sadly this will be the last year in Amazing Star Montessori.  I am really grateful to all the teachers that have groomed Caden to what he is today.

Caden treasured this year's celebration in school so much as they will be separating end of the year after so many years of friendship (Eating, Studying, Playing and Bathing together)

12.05.2013 - Mother's Day Celebration

An annual practice, we will celebrate this special day with both Serene and myself because we had 4 little adorable kids.  Although they are not the best behaved kids but the are always the best in our heart!!
This year the daddy reserved a restaurant in Liang Court - Tampopo.
 Cam whoring with mummy before the lunch
 Look!! Who's missing?  Lil Cheyenne is sleeping...
A nice picture with Godma...

30.04.2013 - Bonding Moments

As a parent, we always made an effort to create some bonding moments within the family.  Today, we applied a day off to spend our time with our 2 precious.  Caden suggest to go for a swim and daddy thinks its a good idea especially in this hot weather so off we go to the pool at Seng Kang!!

29.04.2013 - Godpa's Birthday

We took a day off to collect Cheyenne's passport. While we are departing the Immigration Building we saw this ice cream motor bike around the carpark.  Caden requested for a coco mint flavour and shared it with the lil sister :)

In the evening, we meet David for dinner at Din Tai Fung and then the kids made a cake for him at icing room.... Not Bad wor....

20.04.2013 - Fathers' Birthday Celebration

This year we have another new member joining us for this special occasion.  Though she didn't enjoy herself much as she couldn't eat solid food yet but I am sure there will be more of such in future...

She is very curious the whole night looking at the lights around her.....

A nice photo with god parents (Cheyenne forever looking so lost)

A picture with the birthday daddies


23.04.2013 - Roller Blading

Caden is so into roller blading recently.  I can say that he can do really well and getting so pro.  He is able to blade and balance himself for quite a long distance now.  And mei mei is always his supporter everytime!!

A little more update on this little cheeky boy:- he is getting so matured especially they way he talks and behaves.  However occasionally being a almost 6year old by, he will run towards mummy for a hug and kiss.  One thing that I must really mention is he adores his sister very much and giving in to her to almost everything.......

Mummy's Young Man : "Please don't grow up so fast!!  Mummy will really miss what you are now"

22.04.2013 - First Bath with Kor Kor

These are my darling and they are 5years apart and they love each other very much!!  Its the most assuring and relieve thing that a mother would hope for.......

To my 2 sweetheart : " Mummy may not be as Wealthy as some, as Capable as some OR as Clever as some; BUT I will try my best to be your best mummy ever"

I prayed everyday that god will give my two precious good health and happiness always .....

13.04.2013 - Safra Toa Payoh

This is our first trip to SAFRA Toa Payoh!! Since the weather is good, we decided to have a good swim.  This is also the first swim for Cheyenne!!

I am sure all of them enjoyed!!  Its a nice place and we shall come here more often :)

05.04.2013 - Cheyenne's First Milestone

This morning while helper is changing my young lady, FLOP!! she flipped herself up........and there she goes smiling to her while helper got a shocked!!

Hmm....must really keep a lookout on her!!  She is much faster than Caden..

29.02.2013 - Does we look alike?

After 32 years of waiting, I finally found someone who can wear this little red dress on mine!!  AND its my daughter!!

Importantly, she shared not the dress but the hairstyle of mine :)

Doesn't we look alike?

Friday, January 25, 2013

25.12.2012 - Cheyenne's Full Month Celebration

Today it's Cheyenne's Big Day!! She is one month old and she is wide alert since morning.  I guess she knows that she is the center of attraction today.

She was dressed up before the guest all arrived.  She is in purple today.

Mummy also prepared a kids corner for all kiddos attended today.  

The host today

Party Flavors

Kiddos Corner

The spread

Godpa and I

Roasted Lamb

30.11.2012 - Cheyenne met her godparents and siblings

After hearing the noise of my siblings while I was still in mummy's tummy, I finally got to meet them in person today.  They even took turns to cuddle me.........

29.11.2012 - Cheyenne has arrived!!

After much awaiting, our princess Cheyenne has finally arrived!!  She is so adorable weighing 2.73kg and 48cm long.  She has 2 little dimples on her cheek and an small little iconic mouth!!

The Cheah's family is finally complete with a little prince and princess!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

15.10.2011 - Marche

After visiting Haw Par Villa, we went vivocity to have our dinner. Mummy chose Marche.

Look at the cheeky me....I went into the "cable car" to experience

Daddy promised to let me try on a cable car to Sentosa very soon:)